Automatic drones
for video surveillance.

Flying cameras for the security
and inspection of industrial sites.

Drones automatiques de vidéo surveillance.

Automatic drone-cameras

Fully automated, the drones follow the flight plans integrated into the solution.

They stream real time HD videos on control screens. The 4K versions are available for download afterwards.

Their mission completed, the drones land on their base stations, where they auto recharge with no human intervention.

The solution includes

- A lightweight drone, with 4K sensor, 32x zoom and thermal sensor.

- An auto-charging base station. It weighs 50kg, it integrates a single mechanically moving part, and can be placed on a roof.

- A software package that enables a standard integration into VMS solutions (ONVIF, RTSP, H.264, PTZ), as well as other solutions using video.

Simple and secure

The drone-cameras cover blind spots and inaccessible areas. They are fast, they reduce security agents movements on site, and improve their safety.

The drone lightness also reduces ground and air risks and allows flights in suburban areas.

Flight plans are validated by professional drone pilots and kept secure into the solution. Video surveillance operators are trained in the use of the solution.

Integration and extension

The system communicates with third-party software to automate data capture or analyze images in real time using Artificial Intelligence (IA).

Hoverseen APIs allow to create flight plans and manage the execution of automatic missions.

The flight area can be adapted and extended for different mission needs, including high elongation flights.

Scheduled guard
doubt removal
Temperature readings
Land use analysis
Follow-up and
Image and data collection


Several drone-cameras to ensure maximum availability in case of security alert and for scheduled guard tours.

Data collection

Provides for analysis: live HD and 4K videos, thermal metadatas and 21MP photos.


Automatic drones can be added as simply as new IP cameras. Thanks to APIs they can fit any use-case.


A cost-effective solution that avoids multiplying cameras and human patrols.

Easy to use

The whole flight cycle is automated: missions, recharging, protection. Maintenance requirements are low.


The drones are light, fast and dissuasive. Flights are constantly monitored, and communications are encrypted.

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